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Page 2:

Postmaster Dejoy’s conflict of interests

Dejoy is a top GOP donor

Huge mail slowdowns after Dejoy took over

How much postmaster has slowed down the mail

House passes Delivering For America Act to fund USPS

Page 3:

USPS removes some mail sorting machines

Brand new mail sorting machine thrown out

USPS removing letter collection boxes

Mail delivery suspended to LA public housing complex

Thousands of baby chicks dead in the mail

Trump admits he refuses to fund the USPS

Page 4:

Trump thinks mail-in voting and absentee voting are different

Trump’s Assault on mail-in voting

Trump requests absentee ballot

Trump keeps telling people to vote twice

Trump campaign suing 3 states over mail-in voting

Trump files lawsuit in Iowa

Trump tried to sue Pennsylvania over mail-in voting

Trump says Republicans would never get elected if it was easier to vote

Page 5:

Number of golf trips Trump has taken so far

Trump spent more time on golf trips than Obama had at this point in presidency

Trump businesses charged secret service more than 1 million for rooms

Trump businesses raked in almost 2 billion in revenue in first 3 years of presidency

Trump’s secret service hotel racket

Reps of 22 foreign countries spent money at Trump properties

Trump brags to foreign leaders about his properties

Trump makes air force stop to refuel at Trump resort

Trump moves 2.3 million of campaign donor money to his businesses

Page 6:

Kushner misled congress in security clearance forms

What happens if you provide false information on a security clearance form

7 jobs Kushner is doing in the white house

Trump rewards big donors with jobs and access

Trump’s buddies secretly run the VA

Page 7:

Comey says Trump asked for loyalty

Trump asked McCabe how he voted

Trump asked John Kelly to pledge loyalty

Trump spent weeks doing loyalty tests

Page 8:

Judge slams Barr over Mueller report

The Mueller Report explained

DOJ seeks to defend Trump in defamation lawsuit

Barr refuses to say if voting twice is illegal

Barr fires US attorney prosecuting Trump allies

Page 9:

Trump attacks witnesses during testimony

Trump talks of pardon for Paul Manafort during inquiry

Trump threatening whistleblower during impeachment hearing

Stone found guilty on lies protecting Trump

Trump commutes Roger Stone’s prison sentence

Trump’s misleading spin on Stone

Trump promises pardons for law-breaking

List of controversial Trump pardons

Page 10:

Fact check on Trump 3 million voter fraud claim

Trump retweets Qanon followers

Qanon is a nazi cult

Obama didn’t spy on the Trump campaign

Trump encourages racist conspiracy theory about Kamala Harris

Husband and wife overdose on chloroquine

Trump implied you should inject bleach as a covid-19 cure

Trump promotes Hydroxychloroquine as officials say it’s ineffective

9 conspiracy theories Trump is promoting

Page 11:

11 times Trump has lashed out at reporters

Trump’s assault on the media

Trump calls reporters ‘the enemy of the people’

Trump says Fox news polls are fake

Trump demanded Fox News fire a reporter

Page 12:

Trump sabotaged coronavirus testing to keep numbers low

Trump administration bypasses CDC with key data

Updated CDC guidelines say people exposed may not need to get tested

Trump calls coronavirus ‘the democrats new hoax’

Trump admits he lied about the coronavirus

Trump takes 300 million from CDC for ad blitz

Page 13:

Trump deploying unidentified agents to arrest protesters

DHS confirms federal officers use unmarked vehicles to grab protesters

Video of federal agents escalating violence

Peaceful protesters cleared for Trump church photo op

Page 14:

Trump refusing to commit to election results

Trump’s false claims on unsolicited ballots

Press secretary promotes misleading expectations of election night

Trump says he’ll put down riots quickly

Trump refuses to commit to peaceful transfer of power

Page 15:

14 Signs Of Fascism In Its Early Stages