I am now open for Commissions! Here are my offerings:

Please specify if you’d like a digital commission or an original piece. All color commissions will be colored digitally and printed. For originals and printed commissions, add 6$ per order for shipping. I accept PayPal!

If you’d like something else, like comic pages, please ask! Plus, if you see a sketch, character or illustration I’ve done that you’d like to own, I can usually sell you a print, or possibly the original! Prices for those vary. If you’d like to see more examples of my work, look at my art tumblr!

I reserve the right to refuse any commission that makes me uncomfortable because of its racist, sexist, overtly graphic or sexual nature, etc. or would otherwise hurt my overall image and portfolio. I also reserve the right to show any commissions done in my portfolio for promotional purposes.

Contact me about commissions at: thenoirguy (at) gmail (dot) com.