About Me

Hello!  I’m Vexx, a character designer,  animator, comic creator, illustrator, and storyboard artist. My pronouns are she/her or they/them. I have many varying talents that all serve the greater purpose of making dynamic characters and telling more interesting stories. I work traditionally and digitally.

I graduated from Mercy College with a degree in Computer Arts and Design in 2009, and I’ve been taking multiple classes at the School for Visual Arts with prestigious teachers like C. M. Butzer, Lauren Weinstein, Matt Rota, Tom Motley, and  Grant Shaffer.

I have been making comics and illustrations for over six years, and I have been running my current webcomic, Dime-Store Noir, for two and a half years. I’ve had comics and illustrations in seven anthologies and zines, including a DC based zine called Magic Bullet. I’ve also been an animator on the web series “Teenage Pokemon” and I was an animator for the multiple award winning animation “A Life with Aspergers”.

I work as a freelance artist and comic creator.  Please contact me if you’re looking for a character designer, animator, storyboard artist, illustrator, or anything to do with comics. If you like my work, you can support me through Patreon, buy my comics at itch.io or comixology, or buy my stuff on Etsy. Please check out my work!

You can contact me at thenoirguy@gmail.com.