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Judge approves 25 million dollar Trump University settlement

Page 3:

Betsy Devos sides with for-profit colleges over students

Betsy Devos makes it easier for for-profit colleges to take advantage

Devos ordered to cancel student loan debts after refusing to take up case

Devos rolls back sexual assault guidelines, makes it easier for accusers

Devos meets with a Men’s Rights group about sexual assault

Betsy Devos rescinds Obama-era guidelines to reduce racism in schools

Betsy Devos throws out transgender discrimination cases

Page 4:

Trump bans transgender people from military, allows trans discrimination in schools, and narrowly defines sex

Proposed rule would allow homeless shelter to turn away trans people

Trump removes nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people for health care and health insurance

proposed rule would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBT couples

Page 5:

Trump rule proposals mean children could lose free lunches

Proposed rule would cut 3 million from SNAP benefits

Proposed work requirements could cut 700,000 from SNAP

Trump cutting Food Stamps and Housing Assistance

Trump rule would evict undocumented immigrants from public housing

Page 6:

Undocumented Immigrants pay taxes

ICE and DHS ramp up arrests and deportations

Trump administration arresting more immigrants without criminal records

10-year old girl is detained by Border Patrol at hospital

ICE detains a high school sophomore

ICE take woman with brain tumor from hospital

Page 7:

Thousands of children said they were abused in ICE custody

Diabetic taken into custody had her medication trashed

Mass Hysterectomies and negligence in testing in ICE facilities

Pregnant women miscarried in ICE detention

Detainees getting sprayed with chemicals, packed together even in pandemic

Horrifying conditions facing kids in detention

7 children die in immigration custody

DHS left kids in van overnight

ICE still separating children from parents

Page 8:

Trump administration makes it harder for legal immigration

Trump administration gutting asylum seeking during the pandemic

New rule would make asylum seeking harder

Family Separation Policy

Trump Cabinet voted for Family Separation Policy

Man dies after being deported by ICE

60 Immigrants die after being deported back to home countries

Stories of people detained at airport from travel ban

6-year old with cancer affected by travel ban

1-year old with cancer affected by travel ban

Page 9:

Former coal lobbyist to lead EPA

Trump Administration easing restrictions on polluting harmful chemicals

Trump administration reversing clean water rules

Trump eases rule on coal pollution

Trump administration weakens mercury rule

Trump environmental rollbacks

Trump Administration opens Tongass forest to logging

Trump bulldozes wildlife refuge to build border wall

Trump eases restrictions on cruel hunting practices

Page 10:

Trump’s trade war hurting farms

Program to help farmers aiding only a few

Watchdog group investigating bailout program

Trade war hurting small businesses

Tariff war making lobbyists rich and hurting small businesses

Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Trump has 1 million in unpaid bills to cities

Trump not paying cities

Taxpayers pay for Trump room rentals

Page 11:

Trump put 3 of his buddies at Mar-A-Lago in charge of the VA

Trump pays 2 million settlement over misusing veteran donation funds

Trump lies about veteran program

Trump’s war on veterans

Page 12:

Failed Yemen Raid

US kicked out of Yemen

Yemen raid missed the main target

Yemen raid yields no significant intelligence

Trump Administration orders halt of National Guard one day before they qualify for benefits

Trump stopped paying respects for 2 years

Trump fought with gold star family

Trump Administration secretly withheld millions from 9/11 first responders

Trump remains silent on alleged Russian bounty payments

Page 13:

Trump: “Very fine people on both sides”

Trump’s repeated insults of black people

Trump makes racist remarks to congresswomen

Trump calls African countries ‘shithole countries’

Trump attacks 17 yr old activist

Trump mocks a disabled reporter

Trump says Sen. Gillibrand would ‘do anything for campaign contributions’

Page 14:

26 women who have accused him of sexual assault

Trump Defamation Lawsuit

The way Trump talks about women

Trump’s repeated defense against sexual assault

Trump Access Hollywood tape

Trump brags he can walk in on pageant contestants

Page 15:

Trump lied and downplayed virus to American people

Trump downplays the virus

Trump calls Covid-19 “the Democrats’ new hoax’

Trump says “I like the numbers where they are.”

Trump mocks Biden for wearing a mask