I Don’t Feel Safe Reference Links

Here are all the reference links for I Don’t Feel Safe:

  1. The tweet that gave me the right words. read the whole thread here.
  2. The KKK held a victory parade for Trump
  3. Trump’s hiring freeze taking jobs away from students
  4. Other consequences of the hiring freeze
  5. Republicans proposing bills to criminalize peaceful protest
  6. Bill introduced making it legally OK to run over protestors (it didn’t pass thankfully)
  7. Trump budget cuts funding from National Endowment of the Arts and PBS
  8. Women accusing Trump of harassment won’t back down
  9. Defamation lawsuit against Trump by accuser
  10. All the times Trump was accused of rape or sexual assault
  11. Why women don’t report sexual assault
  12. Trump mocks disabled reporter
  13. Why a disabled person is terrified about the Trump administration
  14. What Trump hiring freeze means for VA
  15. Cutting Meals on Wheels would hurt vets
  16. RNC embraces gay conversion therapy
  17. LGBT concerns after Trump’s win
  18. Trump administration rescinds rights for transgender students
  19. Trump budget would cut Meals on Wheels
  20. White House says cutting Meals on Wheels is “compassionate”
  21. Spike in hate crimes after election
  22. White nationalists do nazi salute while shouting “Hail Trump!”
  23. FAQ about Russia hacking the 2016 election
  24. Charts of Trump’s ties to Russia and Putin
  25. Trump denies climate change is real
  26. Trump administration overturns Stream Protection Rule
  27. White House website takes down LGBT, climate change, civil rights pages
  28. Trump budget chief calls climate change a “waste of money”
  29. Trump still using unsecured android phone
  30. Trump White House staff had private RNC accounts
  31. Trump taking security information calls at Mar-A-Lago
  32. Pence used a private email and was hacked
  33. Trump appointing people who hate the agencies they’ll lead
  34. Trump administration still has over 2,000 vacancies
  35. Devos unprepared and unqualified for the job
  36. Devos struggles to answer education questions
  37. List of Goldman Sachs alumni in Trump administration
  38. Trump rewards donors with jobs and access
  39. People who were detained by Trump’s travel ban
  40. ICE agents detain DACA recipient
  41. ICE agents following children home to round up their parents
  42. Voter suppression in the 2016 election
  43. Trump fires Attorney General after she refuses to enforce travel ban
  44. 24 million would lose healthcare under AHCA
  45. How the AHCA hurts the poor
  46. White House blocks news outlets from briefing
  47. Trump vows to fight media tooth and nail
  48. Trump did not have the biggest inauguration crowd ever
  49. No evidence Trump Tower was wiretapped
  50. Small businesses that Trump didn’t pay in full
  51. More lawsuits and unpaid bills
  52. List of Trump products paid oversees
  53. Trump attacks federal judge over travel ban ruling
  54. Trump signs executive order defunding international Planned Parenthood 
  55. Trump says Planned Parenthood can stay if abortion goes
  56. Paul Ryan wants to defund Planned Parenthood
  57. Trump talks electoral win in Black History month speech
  58. Trump spends more time tweeting than in intel briefings
  59. White House aids had to cheer up trump to get him to his rally
  60. Yemen Raid: almost everything that could go wrong, did
  61. Yemen kicks out US operations
  62. Raid missed target, Al Queda leader mocks Trump
  63. Trump Tweets, stocks fall
  64. Former Trump advisors offer “tweet risk” protection to companies for a fee
  65. The things Trump has said about nuclear weapons
  66. Trump tweets about North Korea
  67. Tillerson says diplomacy with North Korea has failed
  68. List of groups to donate to